Family-Calender to help families

A calender to help families stay organised and at the same time collect money for chrstian syrian families and children, who suffer from war and hunger. i will donate all profit direct. If you are ...

sometimes i do wedding photography

once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

Pregnant and Newborn

What is more exciting than a new soul coming to your family? Here are some captures of this magic happening holding on to it for ever.

in search of paradise

a photo documentary about permaculture lifestyle and the will to live in a sustainable, naturebased, self-paced way. Excerpt of the Book out of 4 different projects in Spain, France, Germany and India.


Yoga is my first love. Impressions of a teacher training in AyurYoga Eco Ashram in India.

move kampuchea

MOVE KAMPUCHEA is a portrait photography project, held in spring 2014, that brings creative energy to young people in classrooms in a rural cambodian community. It melts together different creative initiatives to catch public attention to ...


the eyes are the mirror of the soul they say.

new zealand

One of the most beautiful countries i visited. With its variety of landscapes and untouched nature it has drawn me in and made my first longterm trip to an unforgetable experience.


This part of the world has drawn me in always with a lot of welcoming smiles, green nature, healthy food and mystic spiritual energy. I wandered and rode around in thailand, malaysa, cambodia and laos.


This place not far from my birthcountry has such a great variety in landscape and beauty to offer.


A huge country full of everything. I wandered around to find some authentic nature and people before pollution and human destruction takes over. This culture is so different, exciting and exhausting at the same time.


Urban space shows a great variety of humans. It is like in a theatre play, the street is the stage and everyone has his own role, but are we really playing together?